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Ashley Cole reveals why he left Arsenal for arch-rivals Chelsea



Former Arsenal star, Ashley Cole has revealed why he left the club and join London rivals Chelsea.

According to him the departure of Arsenal’s key players was a decisive factor behind his move to Blues.

Cole came through Arsenal’s academy, winning two Premier League titles and three FA Cup trophies before making the controversial switch to Chelsea in 2006.

The former England left-back has denied speculations that he was motivated to join Chelsea after he was offered a huge amount of money and claims Arsenal were ‘falling apart’ by the time he left Arsene Wenger’s side after failing to replace important players.

“The transition in terms of being in a different group, environment and players was easy because, at the time when I first started at Arsenal, that was the core – the Keowns, the Seamans, the Vieiras, the Henrys, the Adams.” Cole told BBC Sport

“When they started to leave, this is just me personally, I felt there were holes in the culture of what it was that brought success.

“I just felt it was falling apart a bit, or there were gaps missing and they weren’t filled.

‘So that transition in terms of finding myself in a different culture and the willingness and want to win, I went to Chelsea and I had that.”

When asked if he would have handled the move differently, Cole replied: “Yeah, I think when you look back, there were mistakes, for sure, on both sides. ‘One hundred percent, it’s not just entirely my fault and it’s not entirely their fault.

“I was probably a little bit too stubborn at the time and felt a little bit hard done by.

“I was a little bit babyish to be honest, but it’s something I won’t ever regret and I wouldn’t ever change that situation. It’s just something that happened. Maybe it was meant to be, who knows?

“But I definitely feel unjust about it because it wasn’t what people think in terms of money. ‘It’s crazy, but that was probably the last thing on my mind.”

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