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Borno Church Demolition: Why governor Zulum should sack Engr. Adam Bababe By James Bwala



I do not know the relationship between Professor Bukar Bababe the former Executive Director at Lake Chad Research Institute and Engr. Adam Bababe the current Executive Officer of the Borno Geographic Information Services, BOGIS.

If at all they are related then I think the Borno state governor Professor Babagan Umara Zulum has to do the needful to sack Engr. Adam Bababe over his intentional and disgraceful outing to pitch the governor against the Christians in Borno state as well as trying to diminish the hard-earned accolade the governor is currently enjoying across the political and religious front.

Recently Professor Babagana Umara Zulum has received the second high award in a foreign land. The President of the Niger republic who deem it fit to give such an award must have heard the Zulum storyline to have informed this great and iconic recognition. Many papers across the country have been speaking of Zulum’s courage in his attempt to make Borno state great again. This is why both Christians and Muslims in Borno state should help the governor achieved this desire by encouraging a pitch of peaceful coexistence and ensuring it takes the stage in the political history of a man who is making a positive difference

Nigeria is a circular state and both Christians and Muslims have come to agree to this fact. If that is so, I do not understand why some people are still testing the power of God Almighty by play God over others? In his press briefing, the CAN Chairman, Bishop Williams Naga pointed out that the Borno state government had since 1979 stop allocating space for Church building or rather stop selling but Christian had to buy through people who acquire lands and wants to sell it at a high price for profit. Churches even after buying Lands have their files kept under the carpet in other for them not to have the governor’s signature for a certificate of occupancy. The Churches however have grant papers which is also government papers that allow them to own their lands.

Before this administration come to power in 2019, there was a move by the immediate past administration to pull down illegal structures across Maiduguri thereby informing the pulling down of some mosques, which some individuals not interested in the peaceful coexistence in the state are posting to justify the move by BOGIS for bulldozing the EYN Church in Maduganari and subsequently killing a 29-year-old bricklayers Mr. Ezekiel in an unjustified manner, a situation currently trading in the state.

I do not want to go into details about mosque erection in the state. However, as a friend posted. More than 70% of the mosques in the state have no government papers. The government and the people who feel moved builds mosques where ever they deem it fit to erect such places of worship. I doubt if anyone had ever raised an eyebrow over mosque building in Maiduguri amongst the Christian faithful who also have the right to the state resources as citizens. Not even military administrators who (who were Christians) and rule Borno state in their time have come against illegal mosques on the streets of Borno.

That the Shettima administration pulls down some mosques and no Muslim shouted according to some people making inciteful posting regarding the ongoing outcry by Christians over the demolition of EYN Church is no justification that the Christians should also not shout over the demolition of their places of worship because no government builds a Church in Borno state and Churches are not built without papers because they know the trading implications in a state like Borno and as such are guided.

According to the reaction of the government over the Church demolition at EYN Maduganari, “Zulum was Shocked!” If that is so, I believe Engr. Adam Bababe must have acted on his own or he was engineered by enemies of Zulum who are at work to pitch him against the Christians seeing that he is making more Christians friends across the country and the world.

If I should speak about governor Zulum political career I would not ignore the fact that gladiators eyeing the number of seats in Borno state are certainly at work to pitch the governor against the people because within this period I see a unity for peace as so many Muslims have joined the Christians in Borno to condemn the move by Engr. Adam Bababe. Also, I might be tempted to think that, Zulum’s rising profile is becoming a source of worry to some of his political enemies who choose to use a corrupt individual to hatch trouble for the governor and to bring him down in public eyes. That is Zulum needs to open his eyes and see his enemies in their own regalia and move against them.

Engr. Adam Bababe according to eyewitnesses ordered for the phones of workers in the Church to be collected by CJTF attached to him as a task force for such an exercise. If he was actually doing the work government had asked him to carry out why was he worried about being exposed by the phones the workers are carrying? I believe it was the Corruption in his bloodline that informed his connivance with ill-motivated individuals to smear the good image of Zulum. This is also a test for the Borno governor to either act positively and prints his name on the positive rock that speaks about the history of great men or fails in his quest for greater Borno state.

Twelve years of insurgency and still counting should be enough trouble for over four million people recording death on a daily basis. Why storing for more? With the approach of youths at the site of the demolition Church, I see people who have had enough probably from what they learned in the 12 years of a blood bath. Death is no more to be feared. So, of what other reasons should Engr. Adam Bababe invites bloodshed? If at all his actions were informed by his duty to the state, it should be of a process and everyone would understand that a government process is duly being followed.

The scenario that accompanied the move on Thursday 5, 2021 would have been a different case if Engr. Adam Bababe had come in peace to carry out government orders. And if it were government orders our beloved Zulum would not have been taken by the shock that greeted him that day. I asked if this Bababe had some relationship with the Executive Director Lake Chad Research Institute because I was privy to Bababe’s attitude to corruption and bulldozing a Church without prior information to the owners for whatever reasons shows a corrupt mind in action.

That also reminded me of a case at Justice Charity Mamza’s court in January 2015. Could Engr. Adam Bababe be acting in revenge for a judgment pass on him and his father by an EYN breed? When things happened like this so many questions are being asked and these are few.

Let me share here the little part of the past that trigger my asking. “A Maiduguri High Court number Eight has on Monday…2015 sentenced the former Executive Director of the Lake Chad Research Institute Maiduguri, Professor Bukar Bababe to a five-year jail term without an option of fine…..”

“Recalled that the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) had on the fourteenth of April, 2011 arraigned the former Executive Director, Lake Chad Research Institute Maiduguri, Professor Bukar Bababe….”

“The accused similarly between December 2008 and January 2009 conspired to make a false statement to the Central Bank of Nigeria Maiduguri branch… that another company Rofako International Limited is entitled to the payment of the sum of twenty-two point Five Million Nairas as payment for a capital project, which the said company did not undertake….”

“Other charges are that the former Executive Director of the Lake Chad Research Institute Maiduguri used his position to confer an unfair advantage upon his son Adam Bukar Bababe by approving the renewal of a retainership contract for the maintenance and servicing of the Institute’s computers to Cyber-Technologies Nigeria Limited, a company mainly owned by his son.
He was also accused of approving the award of a contract for his son for the upgrading of computers and printers to Cyber-Technologies Nigeria Limited sometimes in August 2010 as Chairman of Procurement Planning ….”

There are more to say but I wouldn’t want to bother much about the judgment. I still asked who is this Adam Bukar Bababe? Is he the same person as Engr. Adam Bababe? My guess maybe as yours if you are reading this piece. If this is sure, however, governor Zulum needs to use a sludge hammer on this insect petching around his eyes.

By the way, why did BOGIS chooses Thursday for the demolition? Did they foresee trouble on other days of the week? I want the committee set up by the Borno state governor and members of the Christian Association of Nigeria, who may be part of this committee to find out as many citizens of Borno state wants to know the faces of men who swore that Borno state would not have peace under their watch.

Yusuf Luka, is a journalist by profession, He is a graduate of Bingham University. Outside of work, He enjoys hiking with friends, Reading books, and Watching movies. Let's connect on social media.