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COVID-19: New cases of Coronavirus in China as Govt impose lockdown in parts of Beijing



Parts of Beijing were placed under lockdown on Saturday 13, June as six new domestic coronavirus cases were reported, fuelling fears of a resurgence in local transmission.

People were prevented from leaving their homes at 11 residential estates in south Beijing’s Fengtai district after most of the cases were linked to a nearby meat market, city officials said in a press briefing.

According to a report from aljazeera, a foreign journalist gets tested for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) before attending a news conference

 China’s domestic outbreak had been brought largely under control.

Beijing’s first COVID-19 case in two months, announced on Thursday, had visited Xinfadi meat market last week and had no recent travel history outside the city.

China’s domestic outbreak had been brought largely under control through vast, strict lockdowns that were imposed after the disease was first detected in the central city of Wuhan last year.