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COVID-19: Some big businessmen are hoarding foodstuffs says Agric Minister



The Minister of Agriculture, Sabo Nanono blames the increase in the prices of farm produce to hoarding by some big businessmen.
In an interview with channels TV on Friday, the minister revealed that the Ministry of Disaster and Humanitarian Affairs has purchased some items for some Internally Displaced Persons, thus leading to the increase of some food items.
“People are afraid that COVID-19 is likely to affect agricultural projection. There is an element of hoarding, though it’s not much.
“Some big business people have entered the markets and buying foodstuffs in anticipation that the prices are going to go up.
“There is also a slight government intervention particularly by the Ministry of Disaster and Humanitarian Affairs. They are going into the market to purchase for the distribution to the IDPs,” he said.
Nanono  also fault inflation to farmers that do not release all their food products to the market at the commencement of every rainy season.
The minister is however optimistic that the prices of some food products, particularly rice will reduce within the next month.