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Democracy day: Nigerians reacts to Shehu Sani remarks on Twitter



To commemorate the celebration of Nigeria’s Democracy day, Former senator, Shehu Sani shares his views on the present situation of the country.

Shehu Sani shared his views via his Twitter account on Friday  as his Twitter followers reacts.

He said: “The President recognition of the struggle led by late Chief MKO is appreciated,but the nation is driven against all the ideals and the spirit that JUNE 12 represented.What do we celebrate in the midsts of carnage & mass burials?.When is the restructuring that has been promised?”

However, some Nigerians who responded to the tweet said the aim of the democracy day has been defeated, others believe that Nigeria will reclaim its lost glory.

Below are some tweet randomly selected by INSIDE REPORT.


We all need to go back to the basic. Love is the epitome of success. Faith and hope without love is draining. Love your neighbour more than yourself.


Extinguished senator, na only u walker come.






Slowly but steadily, we shall get there. A systemic rot of decade years won’t abate overnight. Not e’en in the next 10yrs because it’s easier to destroy than to build. But then, the HOPE ’93 that Chief M.K.O Abiola represented shall be rekindled. PMB started last year,he’ll again.


God bless you! God Bless PMB! God bless Nigeria!Let them continue their barking like bulldogs! We move!!Thumbs up


Asked Gani Adams


The president does not believe in that because if he does he will not have over thrown  a democratically elected govt in 1983 and still enter govt in 2015 and taken the country back 20 years , rather he has shown he doesn’t care for other tribes only his own tribe period.

June 12 is about free & fair elections devoid of ethnicity & prejudices of premodial sentiments. It is a day that votes counted&not a day of vain glorious empty rerhorics that are without content & drive .It is a day when the P, if he has any intention would have given a new hope.


A day like this demand answer to the question.