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Earthquake shakes part of Ghana



Parts of the Greater Accra and Central Regions of Ghana on Wednesday, June 24, experienced an earthquake referred to as the triple earth tremor that caused panic amongst residents.

According to a report from Graphic Online a Ghanian newspaper, the Earth tremor measuring Magnitude 4.0 with a 10.0 kilometer depth at 10: 53 pm and occurred at 6km from Gbawe a town in Accra.

That it was felt three times in the space of 10 minutes and shook buildings, creating fear  among residents.

Another report from Ghana News Agency (GNA), said Journalists of the news agency who lived in various parts of the national capital, including Gbawe, Mallam, McCarthy Hill, Dansoman, Kasoa, Sowutuom and Lapaz Nii Boi shared chilling experiences of how the tremor got them scared and made them uncomfortable to sleep.

  Eunice Hilda Ampomah, a reporter with the GNA, and a resident at Lapaz Nii Boi, said she was in bed and she suddenly heard a loud shaky noise on her roof which rattled from one end to another.

“In fact, instantly the house began to shake, including my bed.

” I got really scared, even afraid to try to sleep.

“It happened the second time and even louder, the third and fourth were mild,” she said.

Miss Ampomah said she had been sensitised to come out whenever there is an earthquake, but was scared to step out of her room.

“I am scared to even sleep as I don’t know when I will need to run out,” she lamented.

Mrs Audrey Dekalu, an Editor with the GNA, and resident at Metaheko, said: “I was about dozing off when I felt the first tremor. It was quite a scary feeling. And then the second and third followed”.

Mr Ken Sackey, an Editor with the Agency, and resident in Tema , said he was lying in bed reading when he felt” the building shudder…I thought it was the undersea blasting works being undertaken at the Tema Port Expansion project, but realised moments later when I felt my bed shake and the building shaking that some seismic activity of some sort had occurred.

” The second one was strong. I woke up and rallied my family downstairs to wait awhile on the lawn… Just in case of any eventuality,” he said.

Graphic Online added that, Since 1615 and 1939 when Ghana experienced its severest earthquake with a magnitude of over 6.0 on the Richter scale, there have been reported yearly occurrences of fleeting earth tremors.

According to experts, signs picked up after earth tremors hit parts of Accra on March 24, 2018, showed that the fault lines were active, which meant that an earthquake could occur at any time.