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Exercise to relieve menstrual pains



Have you been experiencing severe pain during your period?

Below are some exercises that will help reduce menstrual pains.

Pelvic Press
• Lying on the floor face down, palms on the floor beside the shoulders
• Raising the head and shoulders off the floor until the arms are outstretched
• Repeating these several times

Lying on the side, knees drawn up to the chest and head tucked under to touch the knees.

Pelvic Rock
• Lying on the floor face down
• Stretching arms behind the back to Grasp the ankles
• Bending the knees and bringing the feet up to meet the hand, in this position, the legs,
hands, and shoulders will be off the floor. Gently rock sideways in this position.

• Standing with the back against the wall with as much of the body as possible touching the
wall. Students should try to feel as if their heads are drawn upwards making them as tall as


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