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F1: Lewis Hamilton wins British Grand Prix after dramatic lap



Lewis Hamilton has won the British Grand Prix for the seventh time in his career but endured a nervy end to the race at Silverstone after his car suffered a puncture on the final lap.

Hamilton’s Mercedes limped across the finish line with a puncture to the front left tyre, while Max Verstappen, who finished second and was forced to pit for the fastest lap of the race, did not have enough time to close the gap.

Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas also suffered a puncture with two laps remaining and dropped from second place to 11th.

“Up until that last lap everything was relatively smooth sailing,” Hamilton said after the race.

“The tyres looked great. Valtteri was really pushing incredibly hard. I was doing some management of tyre, he looked like he wasn’t doing any, so when I heard that his tyre went I was just looking at mine and everything seemed fine.

“The car was was still turning no problem and I was thinking maybe it was ok. So the last few laps I started to back off but then down the straight it just deflated.

“That was definitely heart in the mouth kind of feeling.

“Just driving to keep the speed off, oh my god, I was just praying to get around and not be too slow. I nearly didn’t get around the last few corners.

“Maybe we should have stopped.’ Moments after Hamilton had crossed the finish line, Red Bull’s team engineer told Verstappen over their team radio that Hamilton was ‘a lucky boy”.

“It’s lucky and unlucky,” said Verstappen.

“The tyres didn’t look great with 10 laps to go and I was already on the radio. ‘Then Valtteri got a puncture so I came on the radio and said I’m going to back it out. Then of course they boxed me to go for the fastest lap.

“Then unfortunately Lewis got a puncture himself. But I’m very happy with second, it’s a very good result for us.”

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