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Lovers drown while having sex as skids into lake



Two lovers drowned as they had sex in the back seat of their car, which was parked near a river .

According to the report the couple couldn’t escape from their car as it sank , and they tragically drowned while they were trapped in the back seat of their vehicle .

They were reported missing by their families after they failed to return home from an outing . In the tributes posted by their friends on the social media , it was gathered that their car was lifted out of the river and their bodies were found on the back seat of the vehicle.

Acccording to the police they were both 22 – year- old, and the man was a physical education teacher .

The police said , The couple were making love on the back seat when the car was parked near the lake .“ The car was in neutral gear, but their passionate movements jolted the car, and it slowly moved forward into the lake .

“ The lovers were shaking the car and it rolled down to the water .“ The young man and his girl failed to get out of the SUV in the water . ”

Yusuf Luka, is a journalist by profession with few years of experience, I am also a graduate of Bingham University. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking with friends, Reading books, and Watching movies. Let's connect on social media.

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