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Men no longer go after broke women – Tacha advises women



Reality TV star Tacha has called on women to buckle up and not be a liability to any man as they (Men) have become smarter with their choices of women.

The former Big Brother Naija housemate stated this during a Live chat with her followers on Instagram.

“Guys are actually getting really smart. Yes, they are getting smart by the day. Even if he has money, he wants to be with a lady that can at least afford a sanitary pad,” she said.

“So, you know what? Men are not coming into 2021 with the energy that I am the man and I have to do all of the providing. Lemme tell you, guys are getting smarter now.”

“You remember the days when they will say ‘this girl her eyes don tear.’ These days men’s eyes are ‘tearing’ in this 2021 and they are not playing.”

Speaking further, she went ahead to advise ladies who solely depend on men for their day to day needs and complain when they don’t not get those material things to buckle up.

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“So if you are a broke ass lady, I shouldn’t even see you in the blogs complaining about how guys are because you have a problem you need to fix as well. You don’t need to be any freaking liability to any man come 2021,” she concluded.

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