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MTN SA to launch its 5G network next week



South Africa’s Telecom giant, MTN South Africa will take the wraps off its plans for its 5G network next week, becoming the first of the telecommunications group’s 22 operations to launch the next-generation broadband technology.

As gathered from Vanguard Nigeria, the company is hosting a live event on its YouTube channel on 30 June, it said on Wednesday. The event will be hosted by CEO Godfrey Motsa, chief consumer officer Mapula Bodibe and chief technology & information officer Giovanni Chiarelli.

Rival Vodacom South Africa launched a commercial 5G network in May, though with limited coverage for now.

Vodacom used a temporary spectrum assignment from communications regulator Icasa to launch the network, though it also has a roaming agreement with Liquid Telecom, which will allow to continue offering 5G to consumers even if there is a gap between when the temporary spectrum has to be returned and when Icasa concludes a planned spectrum auction.

5G network has drawn some many controversies over sometime now, with many allegations that the technology could be the cause of  the global pandemic Coronavirus ravaging the lives of millions globally.

However, technology experts have debunk such claims saying there is no connection between the two.

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