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Racism: Reactions over the murder of another Black man by white police in Atlanta USA trails



The killing of Rayshard Brooks has drawn another concerns amidst major chaos caused by the killing of George Floyd that initiated the ‘Black live matters’ campaign.

Rayshard Brooks, 27, was shot by police after they moved to handcuff him for suspected driving under influence according to videos from the scene.

According to authorities, surveillance video and bystander video show that Brooks took an officer’s Taser during the attempted arrest and fired the Taser at the officers as he ran away which led to his shot by one of the officers.

The killing of Brooks has also triggered more protests and mix reactions which has led to the resignation of Atlanta’s police chief on Saturday hours after the killing of Brooks.

The police officers involved in the murder Devin Bronsan and Garrett Rolfe were said to have been fired and detained.