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Several remaining missing Chibok girls escape from Boko Haram camp



Some of the Chibok schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram in April 2014 have finally escaped from their abductors, a father of one of the girls told CNN.

Halima Ali Maiyanga, one of the young women, called her father to say she and others had managed to flee Boko Haram camp on Thursday.

“She asked me. Is this my daddy? Is this my daddy, and she started crying. The crying was [so] much and I couldn’t hear her very well. I was crying too. I never expected to hear from her again,” Ali Maiyanga said.

“The whole family is so happy. Our house is full of people who are rejoicing with us.”

Ali Maiyanga said he didn’t get a chance to speak to his daughter properly, as she was emotional and the call was short.

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But he said she and others are safe and being looked after by the Nigerian army.

He added that she was calling from a phone line belonging to a security official.

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