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Teenager gang-raped by 4 men tests positive for COVID-19 after childbirth



A teenager who was gang-raped by 4 men after she moved to Lagos in search of greener pastures has tested positive for COVID-19 Linda Ikeji blog  reported.
Aishat, 16, an Oyo state indigene, became pregnant after she was gang-raped by four men when she took shelter in a bus at a motor park in Ijesha, Surulere.According to the report, Aishat was brought to Lagos by a guardian who took her from her parents in Saki, Oyo state.
The guardian, a woman, promised to hand her over to the person she would be working with. However, the woman abandoned her at the motor park in Lagos, claiming she was coming back. She never did.
According to the story, Aishat who knew no one in Lagos kept roaming in motor parks leading to her being gang-raped by 4 men she says she knows.
Aishat being Pregnant and homeless,  continued roaming in the park where she kept seeing her rapists.
She passed her nights in shops until she was heavily pregnant and she was referred to welfare workers.She was later directed to the Mother and Child Care Centre in Gbaja, through the Ministry of Women Affairs, where her case was first reported.
At the center, she gave birth to her baby girl via caesarean section. Unfortunately, Aishat wasn’t producing breast milk after the birth of her child.Furthermore, after  the birth of her child, the plan was to take her to one of the government shelters in the state but the management of the centre insisted that a COVID-19 test be conducted on her first.
After the test, it was reported that she has tested for Covid-19 and she was immediately transferred to the Gbagada Isolation Centre instead.
As a result of her status, a test was also run on those who came in contact with Aishat.Unfortunately, the result was out and 8 of the hospital staff allegedly tested positive for Covid-19 and are currently in the isolation center along with Aishat.