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Two sisters caught burying baby alive in Kaduna



Kadun state Police, has arrested a 33-year-old woman and her elder sister for burying a baby alive.

The woman, identified as Hauwa, reportedly had her fetus removed and buried it in a shallow grave with the help of her 35-year-old elder sister Zainab according to lailasnews.

It was reported that the two sisters had checked in to People’s Club Hotel in Tundun Wada, Kaduna State, where it is believed their plan was executed.

Unfortunate to the two sisters, they were spotted by one Bello Abdulmumin while they were burying the baby.

The Abdulmumin on seeing them, hurriedly alerted the hotel management who went back to confirm the information.

“I just came in and I saw two women around 11 am this morning with stick digging somewhere there (pointing to the area).

“After they finished digging, they dropped something there and covered it with sand. I drew someone’s attention to it and we tried to check what was planted there.

“The moment we saw blood, I then asked the other man to leave the spot and that was how we went to inform the police who came and arrested the two of them.

“I know the two of them, Hauwa and Zainab, very well because they live around here. The elder sister Zainab should be around 35, while Auwa should be 33,” Abdulmumin said.